Saturday, 24 March 2012


From some forum, by Heavincent:

I threw the Black Ops disk into the woods after like 3 MP matches. **** that game.


Stolen from some forum I found, by some kid called GOBB:

xmas family get together over my uncles. I'm in the basement playing COD

"wow triple capped, f*cking f*ggot teammates. why are you two homo splitscreeners giving each other handjobs? help cap flags d!ckheads!!"  Mom, aunts, nieces (8, 11) are behind me. I had no clue they walked down the basement because the tv is in an area where the steps are behind me a good distance. I blame the turtle beach headsets.

more Pro Evo rage

Stolen from a forum, by KRO

I watched a mate rip his t-shirt off and storm out of the room when my other mate tackled him on Pro 6.  

Just a tackle. Middle of the pitch. 0-0. 

max payne rage

Stolen from a forum, by Quite Remarkable

There was a bit in Max Payne where you went up an escalator, and on the way up there were tripwire like lasers, which exploded when you went through them, So you had to shoot them out before you got to them. Anyway i just couldnt do it, but after ages trying i finally managed to do it and i jumped up in joy, but at the top of the escalator, a door to swing open and a man with a shotgun blasten me to death whilst i was still celebrating.  

I was hitting the controller against the floor so hard my mum said the lights were flickering downstairs

sonic 2 rage

Stolen from a forum, by bumnuts:

I ruined the relationship with my mother for a good few weeks.

Got to the final level in Sonic 2 at the same time that she shouted from the kitchen - demanded - that I turn off the megadrive and go to bed. I was going to pause the game and then run through and plead mercy with her, convince her to give me five more minutes as I was on the final boss.   In my haste I accidently hit the 'off' switch on the console instead of pause on the controller. To this day I don't know why and I can still see it happening in slow motion and it sends me spiralling into a cold sweat.  I physically cried tears of pure hatred and told her that she had 'f**king ruined my life'. I was 10 at the time, it didn't go down well.

fight night rage

Stolen from a Forum, by Smackjack the crackerman:

im a big boxing fan, and like boxing the 'proper' way, keep on my toes, work behind the jab, box the ears off my opponent - I would regularly outbox my online adversary for 8/9 rounds in a row, winning the rounds clearly, yet in the last couple of rounds I would often get caught with one of those completely unrealistic haymakers you could see a mile away but somehow couldnt f**king get the f**k out the way of  :anger:

Anyway, I smashed 2 controllers off the wall during this time before my missus begged me to trade the game in as it was really affecting my mood - even when i wasnt playing i was thinking of strategies to avoid the late haymaker - so i traded the game up only to buy it back the next day.

I got it home, put it on, and lo and behold, Im boxing some plums ears off with Roy Jones Jr, winning by a mile, then in the last round, he winds up and knocks me spark out    so i get the game out of the xbox, walk to the bottom of my garden, sling it like a frisbee over my back fence and down into overgrown woodlands, followed soon by my wireless controller - I went back in to get the xbox to chuck that over the fence with it, only to be stopped by my sobbing 6 year old son begging me not to throw the xbox away    

Ive never played the game since........ 

Pro Evo RAGE!

Joe from Aberdeen

i had a mate who simply would punch you if you beat him at the original PES.  If we ever had a PES tournament with the angry PES guy (who was pretty good at PES btw) we would all set to an ultra-defensive formation (at least 5 at the back) just to play out a nice boring 0-0. This resulted in us being punched in the arm, but it was very worth it as it meant he always came last. The guy is a hairdresser now so think we may have damaged his masculinity somewhat.