Saturday, 24 March 2012

fight night rage

Stolen from a Forum, by Smackjack the crackerman:

im a big boxing fan, and like boxing the 'proper' way, keep on my toes, work behind the jab, box the ears off my opponent - I would regularly outbox my online adversary for 8/9 rounds in a row, winning the rounds clearly, yet in the last couple of rounds I would often get caught with one of those completely unrealistic haymakers you could see a mile away but somehow couldnt f**king get the f**k out the way of  :anger:

Anyway, I smashed 2 controllers off the wall during this time before my missus begged me to trade the game in as it was really affecting my mood - even when i wasnt playing i was thinking of strategies to avoid the late haymaker - so i traded the game up only to buy it back the next day.

I got it home, put it on, and lo and behold, Im boxing some plums ears off with Roy Jones Jr, winning by a mile, then in the last round, he winds up and knocks me spark out    so i get the game out of the xbox, walk to the bottom of my garden, sling it like a frisbee over my back fence and down into overgrown woodlands, followed soon by my wireless controller - I went back in to get the xbox to chuck that over the fence with it, only to be stopped by my sobbing 6 year old son begging me not to throw the xbox away    

Ive never played the game since........ 

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