Saturday, 24 March 2012

sonic 2 rage

Stolen from a forum, by bumnuts:

I ruined the relationship with my mother for a good few weeks.

Got to the final level in Sonic 2 at the same time that she shouted from the kitchen - demanded - that I turn off the megadrive and go to bed. I was going to pause the game and then run through and plead mercy with her, convince her to give me five more minutes as I was on the final boss.   In my haste I accidently hit the 'off' switch on the console instead of pause on the controller. To this day I don't know why and I can still see it happening in slow motion and it sends me spiralling into a cold sweat.  I physically cried tears of pure hatred and told her that she had 'f**king ruined my life'. I was 10 at the time, it didn't go down well.

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